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  • 21 July 2014

    LEC renews its ISO certifications

    Again, LEC passes successfully the European ISO certifications for:
    > ISO 9001 in quality
    > ISO 14001 in environment
    > ISO 14062 in eco-design.

    To find out more, please get in touch directly with your contact or send an email to

  • 08 April 2014

    LEC makes special luminaires for a chronobiological urban lighting scheme

    The street Robert de Flers, which is a covered walkway located beneath a slab located in the 15th district of Paris, was recently up-lighted again.

    The Concepto lighting agency designed a lighting scheme based on the human biological rhythm. The lighting changes its light intensity and colours during the day, whilst adjusting itself to human needs.
    From the morning when the street is up-lighted in sky blue because of its stimulating phases of awakening, to the night when it is up-lighted in warm white because of its smooth and relaxing atmosphere, the covered street becomes a lively place that reproduces the stages of the day.

    Testimonial of Karine Bonnefoy, Roads Projects Subdivision for the 7th and 15th districts of Paris: Following this street up-lighting
    "Feedbacks have been very positive so far...Residents have seen their neighbourhood change instantly for the better and that makes them very happy!"

    To find out more about this project, please contact us on

  • 10 February 2014

    LEC lights up the Walls of Rabat in Morocco

    For the very first time, the Walls of Rabat - a UNESCO's World Humanity Heritage - are lit up with LEC products.

    360x 5716-Allevard adjustable and fully recessed spotlights were installed on more than 1.5 Km long of walls enhancing subtlely the turrets and the walls. These spotlights light up the walls from top to bottom and meet with the shock-proof constraints, which are linked to the heat and the heavy traffic.

    With its 6 LED superwatt, the 5716-Allevard spotlight spreads out strong light from the ground to coat the 8-meter high walls. The lighting result is truly a first time ever! The integrated lens, seen into the spotlights, were customised to enable a large coating of the walls in warm white as well as a coating of the turrets in red.

    To find out more on this project, please send an email to

  • 07 October 2013

    LEC lights up the Fort Saint Jean in Marseilles

    The Fort Saint Jean, iconic symbol of the Old Port of Marseilles and historical monument since 1964, was recently renovated with an elegant and sophisticated lighting designed by the Lumière Agency and the 8'18" Marseille Agency.

    LEC's LED lights are used here to illuminate:
    - The East and West major corridors, and the tunnel of the Place d'Armes with wall recessed spotlights [4330 - Saint-Jean]
    - The "Pergola of Shadows" staircase and the Saint Laurent footbridge with linear handrail spolights [5640 - School-light]
    - The Officers' Gallery with marker-lights [1843G - Carquefou]

    Light designers: L'Agence Lumière
    Installers: Santerne Citeos Marseille
    Photo credits: Xavier Boymond

  • 12 October 2012

    LEC's reliability greeted once again!

    The Milan SIL Forum (Strategies In Light) reunited all the European LEDs experts. Duilio PASSARIELLO, lighting designer, recounted the adventure to light the balustrades of Dublin’s seven bridges over the Liffey River.

    It is back in 2009 that over 800-meters long of LEDs lightbars with amber colored were installed in rather hard conditions. The project took over 3 months. This was a pionner project, both in its specification and in its installation, where LEDs were used to enlight a major project. As of today, the lights still operate, despite weeds, ivy and other potential aggressions.

    This recall onto project was also the opportunity for Duilio Passeriello to express his gratitude to LEC for its commitment throughout the project.